the basics of makeup brushes
08 May 2014

The Basics of Makeup Brushes

Preparing for a performance you want your dance makeup to be the best it can so you need the right tools. Applying dance makeup with good quality makeup brushes makes all the difference in the world to the beauty of your look. But there are so many different kinds of makeup brushes out there.

How do you know what BASIC makeup brushes you really need in your dance makeup kit?
These are the seven “must have” makeup brushes that every dancer should own:

7 Must-Have Makeup Brushes

  1. Large Powder Brush/Complexion Brush – This should be used with loose or pressed translucent powder. Never use this powder brush with your blush.
  2. Blush Brush – It shouldn’t be too big or too small – a medium sized brush is best. Never use with your translucent or pressed powder.
  3. Eye Shadow Brush – A medium sized brush is best, not too big. This brush is great for both light and medium shadow colors.
  4. Angled Shadow Brush – Choose a medium-sized brush that is angled. I find that an angled eye shadow brush is easier for applying and being more detailed with darker eye shadow colors.
  5. Angled Eyeliner/Brow Brush – This brush does double duty for you. It will work for both eyebrows and eyeliner application.
  6. Lip Brush – This brush is essential for a dance makeup kit. You cannot do PERFECT red lips without a lipstick brush!
  7. Eyebrow Brush/Lash Comb – These brushes will keep your brows and lashes looking natural and beautiful! Comb through lashes after you’ve applied mascara to separate them and take out any clumps or flakes. I buy disposable mascara wands from the beauty supply store.  This is the perfect size and shape to groom my eyebrows and lashes.

What Kind of Brushes should I get?
I prefer “no animals were harmed in the creation of these makeup brushes” brushes. But that’s just me. My favorite professional set is a set I designed that is a gorgeous brown faux bristle brush set made of a synthetic hair. They NEVER shed. They catch the color of the makeup well in the bristles and apply it smoothly and cleanly. Whether I am doing a bride, on a photo shoot, or doing dance makeup at a competition, I use them on every makeup application I do.

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How To Clean Makeup Brushes
Now that you have the perfect set of makeup brushes to apply your dance makeup you need to care for them properly.  Proper care will help your brushes last longer.  It is not necessary to buy fancy brush cleaners. Often brush cleaners contain alcohol and can dry out the bristles. However, makeup brushes do need to be cleaned often.  How often do I clean my brushes? OFTEN! When makeup brushes are dirty, the cosmetics colors do not apply well because the colors look muddied.  Oh yeah, and your skin will break out terribly! Ick!  Clean your brushes!

  1. Put a dime-sized dollop of shampoo into the palm of your hand.
  2. Wet your makeup brushes under running water or in a cup of water.
  3. Swirl your makeup brush in the palm of your hand creating suds.
  4. Rinse your hands and brush under running water until the water runs clear.
  5. Finally, squeeze excess water out of the makeup brush with a towel and lay them down on a towel flat to dry overnight. (Do not stand makeup brushes up to dry. When brushes are left standing up to dry, water can get down into the handle/bristles and deteriorate the glue that holds bristles to brush handle. In an ideal situation a brush sanitizing machine would be used.)

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