s2s stage makeup method cheeks and lips
02 May 2014

S2S Stage Makeup Method: Steps 3 & 4 – Cheeks & Lips

You want to define/intensify your cheekbones so that the audience can “feel” your smile all the way to the back of the theatre. Use a highly-pigmented pink/peach blush tone that will not only give you a contoured look but also give a fresh, healthy glow to your face under the bright stage lights. Place your fingers on your cheekbones. Find the underneath part of your cheekbones where they are hollowed out. We want to intensify this “hollowed out” area.

Quick JAM Tip: Draw an imaginary straight line from the corner of your lips to bottom of your ears. DO NOT let your blush go below this line.

Three easy steps to perfect stage makeup blush:

  1. Dab your blush brush into the blush pan and tap off excess powder. (Never blow on your makeup brush or gross, disgusting bacteria can start to grow in the bristles!)
  2. Touch your blush brush to hollow of your cheeks at your hairline
  3. Brush your blush brush forward underneath your cheekbone and then swoosh upwards at the apples of your cheeks. Apply until it is 3-4 times darker than your street makeup blush.






Give them your best smile ever with a gorgeous red or a lovely bright rose colored lipstick in these six easy steps!

Quick JAM Tip: There are so many different colors or red lipstick out there, it can get tricky! A neutral red tone is a red that is more “brick” toned than pink or orange toned. By also pairing your red lipstick with a nude-brownish lip pencil, you can achieve a neutral red lip color. JAM cosmetics has this color combo down to a guaranteed science – Fierce Mineral Lipstick w/Warm Brandy Lip Pencil. Perfection!

  1. Line your lips with a nude-brownish lip pencil color by starting from the outside corner of your upper lip edge and draw your pencil line along the lip edge into the center. Then, stop!
  2. Repeat by drawing your liner on the upper lip edge from left side corner to center. Then, stop!
  3. Repeat on the lower lip from right corner of lip edge to center. Then, stop!
  4. Repeat of the lower lip left corner of lip edge to center. Then, stop!
  5. You should have all of the lines connected in the center of upper and lower lip and outside corners.
  6. Fill lip in with nude-brownish lip pencil color
  7. Using a lip brush, fill lip in with red or bright rose color lipstick

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