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15 April 2014

Prima Diva Look

Easy to follow stage makeup video for ballet dancers. JAM cosmetics, the ultimate stage makeup line for dancers is paraben-free, sweat-proof makeup that will look spectacular through a FULL DAY of DANCING! I used the and you can purchase it at JAM cosmetics. If you liked this video, keep watching...
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14 April 2014

Young Dancer/JAM glam Look

Recital Makeup Demo Video for parents doing makeup for Young Dancers under 13. The vibrant, mineral makeup colors from JAM cosmetics are healthier, water resistant and LAST ALL DAY LONG!!! I used the or and you can purchase it at JAM cosmetics. If you liked this video, keep watching (and...
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11 April 2014

Stage Siren Look

Learn how to do this HOT competition Jazz dance look. Healthier, vibrant mineral makeup colors STAY ON ALL DAY LONG! I used the Stage Siren Makeup Essentials Kit and you can purchase it at . If you liked this video, keep watching (and reading!) and signup for the World of...
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10 April 2014

Prima Diva Look for Asian Eyes

After so many requests for a video specifically for dancers with Asian eyes, here it is! This is the first of two how-to makeup videos for Asian eyes. This look is the more difficult of the two I will present but you can easily achieve it with practice. I used...
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28 March 2014

Bad Makeup is Distracting…

I have traveled on competition circuits, taken my dancers to competition, and been a judge.  And I can say confidently, with conviction, that blue eye shadow, peach blush, and hot pink lipstick should not be paired with a Flamenco costume!  You laugh?  I’ve seen it.  And I remember nothing about...
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16 October 2013

Sweat-proof Your Makeup

Facebook Question: How can you make your makeup sweat proof or at least not have sweat lines? Answer: Great question! Regardless of whether you are a dancer going on stage, a bride walking down the aisle, a business woman about to enter a meeting, or a girl in high school...
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