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About S2S Makeup Studio

Hi! I’m Jessica Michaels.

I’m a dance–crazed professional performer, choreographer, studio owner, and professional makeup artist who got this zany idea that dancers not only deserved better makeup but desperately needed to learn how to apply it…properly!  Let me explain.

I became passionate about creating a professional performance makeup line when I was a working dancer because I learned about all of the hazardous junk that goes into drug store makeup brands, saw what it was doing dancer’s skin (my skin!) and the fact that the products couldn’t survive the sweaty hours on stage with the hot lights.  When I became a dance studio owner, I wanted something that would be safe enough for my 3 year old pre-dancers sensitive skin but effective enough for all of my professional dancer friends.  Stage makeup that was safe for our bodies to absorb, safe for the environment, not tested on animals…AND be beautiful!

Dance and makeup are my passions.  Teaching is my mission.

As girls/dancers, we are never taught how to properly apply makeup.  How many of you would have loved a “My first makeup lesson” at 12, but nope, we learned from watching our friends/moms or from magazines.  Giving someone paint and a brush can bring disastrous results when they don’t know what to do with them.  If we’ve never been taught the skills or lack the confidence to take brush to canvas, why do we think we’ll do OK with our faces?

I’ve created the S2S Makeup Studio to share all the SIMPLEST makeup techniques and tricks that I have learned working in theater, runway, TV, and fashion photography.  It’s not just a “How To”…it’s a place to continuously learn, share and dream.

We help performers dream big and LOOK the part.

My goal, and the goal of JAM cosmetics & S2S Makeup Studio, is to add value to your world by giving you the tools that you can immediately use to improve your art – to be powerful, self-confident and fearless from Street to Stage (S2S).

I’ve been doing makeup since I was five when I got my first Barbie makeup head.

That’s how long I’ve been doing makeup. I became that girl that did endless “makeovers” on her friends, did their prom and date makeup, and was most honored to do makeup for their weddings…using JAM cosmetics, of course. That would mean I’ve been in the performing arts industry professionally for 20+ years.

I was raised in Newtown, Connecticut but left to pursue my performing career in NYC.  I have since co-owned a performing arts academy and professional theater in Florida and subsequently moved back to Newtown and teach at the local studio with a fellow dancer I have known since high school.  It’s said, “All roads lead back to Newtown.”  That was true for me.  I love my town and take inspiration from the community every day.

I am lucky to have been acknowledged as a top choreographer and top teacher at several competitions and my dancers have won their fair share of Platinum, High Gold, Super Duper Double Bronzed Platinum Plus awards (ugh!)…but I must say that’s not what it’s all about for me.  My students know that what I care about most is that they go onstage prepared, confident and committed to being their best…and of course, putting their best, smiling, face forward.

I started JAM cosmetics in 2007 and haven’t looked back.  I am more excited about the future every day – there are so many more opportunities to make better, cleaner products, new products, and learn better techniques, now than ever before.

When I am not teaching “my kids”, I like to go out to dinner with friends, or walk my dog, Ziggy, you can find me at the local rock climbing gym, performing with a belly dancing troupe (still have to audition – wish me luck!) or doing yoga/meditation in my living room.  Of course, I LOVE to dance 1st and foremost!

“Life is an adventure…or nothing at all” – Helen Keller

Reign Fearless



One Touch of Venus, Broadway * Norwegian Cruise Lines, International Troupe * Aretha Franklin, Video & TV (NYC) * MC Hammer (Tokyo) * Mattel, Industrials (NYC) * Beanie Babies (L.A.) * Sony (Tokyo) *Matrix (London, Chicago, Baltimore) * Musical Theatre productions; Hollywood to Broadway;  Salute to Swing;  Aladdin;  King & I;  Evita;  Jesus Christ Superstar.


AvedaNY Bridal & PR team; Vera Wang, Gorgio Armani * Capezio (NYC) – SAB Annual Fashion Show (NYC) * Tezoro Productions/ Live at BDC videos (NYC) – Desmond Richardson & Tony Branner * Tezoro Productions/ HopsDance (L.A.) * Ferreira Costumes (NC) Florida Tribal Belly Dance Troupe (Orlando) * Star Systems (National Tour) * Stage Door Connections, Professional Makeup Artist in Residence * Fashion photography, headshot and catalog freelance.